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The RCN represents almost 400,000 nurses in the UK and is the country's largest nursing union.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

This is only the beginning

My latest blog outlines the importance of nurses' participation in our latest campaign, 'Frontline First'. To find out more, visit http://frontlinefirst.rcn.org.uk

We’re already starting to see trends emerge, with a number of organisations putting freezes on recruitment, down banding staff and/or asking specialist nurses to forgo their practice and work in general settings for set periods.

However, with the information that you give us, we can take this data and use it to bring local decision makers to account. We can use what you share with us to force health organisations to justify their decisions and explain their efficiency savings. Do not think for a moment that you don’t have the power to change what’s happening where you work – you do; we just have to make sure we do it together.

So, if you haven’t yet shared your experiences, do it today. If you’ve already told us what you know, share this site with your friends and colleagues and get them to tell us their experiences.

Together, we can put the Frontline First.

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